Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Top 5: Best Movie Scenes.

My top 5 favourite movie scenes.

1. "Say what again." - Pulp Fiction.

This is probably the most generic scene on this list, but there's a reason for that; it's possibly one of the most memorable, funny and intense scenes in the whole film (besides the basement scene, of course). If you asked someone to quote Pulp Fiction, you'd more than likely hear someone repeating this scene word for word, and it's understandable why. Samuel L Jackson's ability to intimidate on screen combined with Tarantino's auteur style is something to behold, and definitely something unforgettable.

2. "Darling, light of my life." - The Shining.

The simple shot reverse shot structure of this scene makes it all the more intense, with the long shots of Jack manically laughing as he threatens Wendy embedded into it, it has to be my favourite scene in the entire movie. Forget the "Here's Johnny" scene, this is far more memorable in my eyes and has stuck with me since the first time I watched the film.

3. "You met me at a very strange time in my life." - Fight Club.

This could possibly be my favourite out of all the movie scenes on this list, mainly because it has my most favourite song ever in it, and being one of my all time favourite films, I just couldn't ignore this scene. Chuck Palanhiuk, the author of the book which the film is based on, said that the book is "about a man trying to commit to a woman" and I think that is very clear within the final scene, as Marla and the Narrator embrace the world around them going back to ground zero. The song playing non diegetically in this scene just adds to the intensity and overwhelming feeling of relief, as the Narrators life and mental health finally come together, as the crescendo of the song hits.

4.  "That's what's so illogical about being a Smurf." - Donnie Darko.

This simple, yet amusing scene is one out of my many favourite scenes in this film, so it was hard to choose. The comedic aspect of this scene is what made me choose it, as well as it's ability to sum up Donnie, and his strange personality, yet intelligent manner.

5. "Say hi to Rocco and Rocco, mommy!" - The Wolf of Wall Street.

There is many hilarious scenes in this film, but this has to be the easiest to write about without rambling on for hours. DiCaprio and Robbie's onscreen chemistry and banter is enough for a few laughs, but the whole concept of the bear camera is hilarious. The 'ludes' scene is twice as funny, but I thought I'd save that one for another post!

Honourable mentions (written by my boyfriend Josh, since he bought me cookies and sat with me whilst I took nearly two hours to write this post):

  • Armageddon - The scene in which Bruce Willis sacrifices himself to save Ben Affleck's character in order to allow his daughter to live a happy life with the man she loves and that he originally dissaproved of is enough to bring s tear to a glass eye including my own. (although I don't have a glass eye)
  • The Dark Knight - The scene in the film where we are first truly introduced to the Jokers real criminal mastermind compiled with his psychotic persona. He crashes the meeting of all of Gotham's biggest gangsters and manages to either grab all of their attention or scare them into following him, the same could be said about the audience, the scene only emphasises the tragedy of Heath Ledger's death as I personally would have loved to see this maniacal character wreak havoc again.

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