Friday, 11 January 2019


So, clearly, the 30 Days of TV Challenge was a fail. But its a new year, and I do want to continue blogging. I've been so so busy with family over christmas and the new year, which is why I didn't continue with the challenge.
However, I do hope to find some more and start again with it.
Any suggestions don't hesitate to comment below!
Or if there's any TV Shows or films you want me to discuss I wouldn't mind.

Friday, 21 December 2018

Day 21 - 30 Days Of TV Challenge.

Day 21 - Favourite Ship.

So in case anyone is unaware, to "ship" is to root for or to want two people to become a couple. Pretty sure it started on Tumblr, when people would ship film characters or TV characters together, even if they were never actually a couple in the movie or programme.
However, I think my favourite ship was an actual TV couple, and I would say Chuck and Blair, but my last post was about them, so instead I'd have to say Luke and Lorelai on Gilmore Girls.
Gilmore Girls was just full of cute couples, I shipped Rory and Dean sooo bad, but the biggest ship was always Luke and Lorelai. I'm sure I cried when she proposed to him.
Luke was so obviously always in love with her, and when Lorelai finally realised it was a long awaited episode.
I don't know anyone who would disagree that they are the most perfect couple, and they were definitely meant for eachother.
I was gutted when Christopher came back and she slept with him, and not to mention MARRIED him. However, despite a whole lot of selfishness between both Luke and Lorelai, they do eventually end up together, and happy married.
Their relationship is so on and off, and sometimes non existent, but still nonetheless, my favourite ship.

Day 20 - 30 Days of TV Challenge.

Day 20 - Favourite kiss.

For this one it has to be Chuck and Blair in Gossip Girl! At first, I really didn't like either Chuck or Blair, but as a couple I loved them. Such a powerful and in love couple, I rooted for them far more than I did for Dan and Selena.
Obviously, if you've never watched Gossip Girl, you'll have no idea who I'm talking about, but it's basically about a bunch of rich teenagers, who get followed about and documented by a blog called 'Gossip Girl'. The blog shares rumours, secrets and causes havoc for this group of teenagers, and half of the story line is so unbelievable, but I couldn't help but continue to watch it.
Chuck and Blair were my favourites though, because as awful as they got, they adored each other, and there was so many scenes between them that could give you butterflies; one of which when Chuck actually tells Blair he loves her back.
Chuck travelled Europe, trying to avoid Blair, but ends up returning and giving her her favourite gifts from France and Germany, and finally mans up and tells her he loves her too.
Such a cute moment, in the midst of a fairly cringey TV show, and it's so good to finally see them happy together.

Youtube clip - Chuck says "I love you too"

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Day 19 - 30 Days of TV Challenge.

Day 19 - Best TV Show Cast. 

For this one I think there’s a lot of well known TV shows that many would chose for this, like Friends or The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but I think I’d have to go for Big Mouth for this one.
As it’s a cast who work together so well and have made the most disgusting yet hilarious TV show I’ve seen this year.
The voice acting in this animation TV show is fab, and you wouldn’t believe how many people you know are playing so many different voices. It’s a very ‘Simpsons’ kinda thing, where you’ve got one actor voicing multiple characters, but it works just as well.
Definitely worth a watch, it’s so funny but so gross too.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Day 18 - 30 Days Of TV Challenge.

Day 18 - Favourite title sequence.

This one is so hard because I love theme songs and montages and I’m the type of person who rarely skips the intro if it’s catchy or fun. Unless it’s on that Series of Unfortnutate Events Netflix series, because the opening sequence to that was awful.
Instantly Gilmore Girls came to mind, and Orange is The New Black but purely because of how catchy or interesting they are. But I think my absolute favourite is the Bojack Horseman opening sequence; it’s just fun and flows nicely.
Also, it changes slightly each season so it’s fun to look out for that!

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Day 17 - 30 Days of TV Challenge.

Day 17 - favourite mini series.

So I think for this one, it has to be Evil Genuis on Netflix! It’s an absolutely crazy look into a bombing, heist and elaborate plan conducted by a group of people. I don’t want to give too much away because the docuseries goes into so much depth of everyone involved. But I can’t stress enough how much you need to watch this!
Basically, a pizza delivery man went into a bank to rob it, and ended up being caught and being blown up by a collar bomb. He claimed someone made him do it, and it’s an investigation into who made him do it, why and the whole elaborate plan they conducted. 

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Day 16 - 30 Days Of TV Challenge.

Day 16 - Your guilty pleasure show.

For this it is 100% Jane The Virgin. As cringey and unrealistic it is, it definitely is my guilty pleasure.
I haven't watched any of it in a good few months, so I'm not entirely caught up on the latest season, but I just find it so easy to watch!
Sometimes a cheesy rom-com is called for, and this is it for me. The entire concept and all the storylines are so unrealistic, but it is based off of telenovela's, and it constantly references that throughout the series.
It's not most peoples first choice, but I just found myself getting really invested in it a few years ago and I've been a fan ever since.
It's not something I'd recommend to someone, because it's not like I really see it as a fantastic show, but I just really enjoy it myself, and find it to be such an easy watch.